Penis Enlargement

Penis Exercises (Jelqing)

When it come to getting bigger penis size, jelqing or penis exercises, are usually considered the most legit and successful approaches to consider. Here’s the jelqing exercise in a nutshell:

Basically jelqing is performed by using your hands, and massaging your penis by individual slow strokes and alternating hands. Starting at the base you wrap your thumb and forefinger around the penis and gently massage upward just before the head, all in one controlled stroke. Then you repeat with the other hand.

Sounds pretty straightforward right? Well, while it really is not that complicated there are many things that guys do wrong while performing penis exercises. In turn, they see very little in the way of results. Here are some of the most common things you shouldn’t do in regards to performing the jelqing exercise.

Don’t avoid the “warm up”. This is a common shortcut guys take. They don’t properly warm up the penis before performing jelqing exercises. What you want to do is get a cloth and put warm water on it. Then wrap that cloth around the penis and leave it there for a few minutes. Repeat once or twice more until you feel your penis is properly warmed up. What this does is increases blood flow and sets your penis up for exercising. After you are done with the jelq exercise, you should repeat the warm towel wrap, allowing the penis to rest and recover (which encourages the growth process to begin).

Don’t be fully erect. In order to properly jelq, you must achieve a semi-erection. This means about 60% of an erection. Some guys automatically get themselves fully erect and try to jelq from this position. That’s not how the exercise works. Effective enlargement results always require a partial erection, not a full one.

Don’t dry jelq. This is a big mistake guys make. They try to “dry jelq” rather than take a few seconds and a few buck, to get and use lubrication. While there is such a thing as “dry jelqing”, this should really only be reserved for advanced users. Otherwise you should always apply lubrication before starting your jelqs.

Don’t stroke too fast. This is not masturbation, this is exercising. Many guys are so used to the former that they start stroking too fast when it comes to performing their jelqing strokes. Stroking must be slow and controlled, one hand at a time. Usually this means 2-3 seconds at least for the stroke upwards.

Don’t try to “wing it” (get on a good jelqing routine). It’s the same for people who try to lose weight or try to gain muscle. If they don’t have a proper, disciplined routine they will usually fail. You can’t just do a few situps once one week, twice the other, and then take the rest of the month off. You have to have a routine that will keep you disciplined and have you exercising regularly. This routine should be straightforward and easy to follow so you won’t get bored or confused.

Don’t expect results in a week. This is a big one! Exercise takes time and that’s no exception with penis exercises. They simply will not work in just a week or two, to achieve the size that most guys are after. You have to stick with the routine and be patient. Usually several weeks are needed to notice size increases. And don’t automatically look for length gains. Pay attention to girth gains (thickness). Many guys experience girth first. And increased thickness can be very important, especially for improved female satisfaction in the bedroom (women often prefer thicker penis size over longer, thinner penis size).

If you are giving enlargement exercises a fair shot, then all these things need to be in place. You need to perform the exercise properly with warmups and lubrication, you have to be patient, and you need to be on a good routine so you remain disciplined and exercise regularly.

What Causes Decreased Penis Sensitivity and How to Fix It?

Over time, many men experience diminished penis sensitivity to some degree. This loss of sensation can be caused by numerous factors, including continual friction, circumcision, and certain common skin disorders. In most cases, treating the skin of the penis with a high-quality penis crème (men’s health experts recommend Man 1 Man Oil) on a regular basis can prevent and even reverse lost penis sensation.

Causes of Lost Penis Sensitivity

The penis is a highly sensitive organ that contains thousands of nerve endings just under the surface of the skin. In order for sexual arousal to occur, these nerve endings need to be stimulated. When a loss of sensation occurs, it becomes more difficult for men to become aroused or to have an orgasm. The following health and environmental factors may cause loss of penis sensation:

Prolonged friction

Ongoing friction – rubbing of the penile skin – can eventually lead to toughening of the outer dermal layer (similar to callousing on the hands and feet), which ultimately results in a loss of sensation. Restrictive clothing, abrasive detergents, rough sex or masturbation, and even activities such as cycling can create friction in this delicate area and eventually decrease penis sensitivity.

To avoid this problem, it is best to wear loose-fitting clothing that does not bind, stick to silk or soft cotton underwear, and use a mild soap for cleansing. During sports activities, make sure that the genitals are supported appropriately; but avoid using support garments that are overly restrictive. Treating the area daily with a specially formulated penis moisturizer can counteract the effects of drying and rubbing and keep the skin of the penis well-nourished and healthy.

Poor circulation

Lack of exercise, poor heart health and being overweight are all associated with poor circulation. When blood flow is restricted, the nerve endings and skin of the penis become essentially malnourished; cells are unable to rejuvenate, leading to a loss of sensation in the area. Getting plenty of exercise, maintaining a healthy body weight, and eating a nutritious diet can all help to maintain appropriate penis sensitivity.

Drug, alcohol and tobacco use

The negative effects of drug use, smoking, and excessive consumption of alcohol are innumerable. Along with a multitude of other health issues, these harmful substances prevent proper cell regeneration and lead to a loss of nerve sensation. Avoiding drugs and smoking and limiting alcohol consumption can help to promote proper cell regrowth, preventing loss of penis sensation.

Skin disorders

The penis can be affected by numerous skin disorders that may also lead to a loss of penile sensation. Bacterial and fungal infections can affect the dermal surface of the penis and lead to a decrease in sensation; these infections often occur when microscopic tears in the skin’s surface allow bacteria and other harmful organisms to enter the bloodstream. In order to avoid these uncomfortable skin disorders, health experts recommend applying a moisturizing cream on a regular basis.

Increasing Penis Sensitivity

The best ways to increase penis sensitivity is to engage in activities that promote healthy cell and nerve function. This means wearing underwear and clothing that is supportive, but not restrictive, cutting down on smoking and alcohol consumption, eating a healthy balanced diet, and drinking plenty of water throughout the day. In addition, it is important to choose sexual partners with discretion and to use appropriate protection at all times during intercourse, as well as oral sex. It is also suggested that a penis health crème containing penis-specific vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, be used daily to aid in cell rejuvenation in order to keep the penis in optimal condition.

Unhappy With Your Size? Consider Male Enhancement

Why do men patronize the male enhancement industry? Most men have the average penis size but still get anxious about how big they are down there.

Men think that big size guarantees good performance in bed and compare their equipment with the massive members of porn stars. The more concerned a man is about penis size, the more insecure he will be in other aspects of his life.

But what are the ways in which a man can enlarge his penis? The following are the recommended male enhancement methods:

Male Enhancement Supplements and Transdermal Products

There are many available male enhancement supplements – in the form of capsules and tablets – and transdermal male enhancement products – in the form of creams, gels, lotions, oils, and patches. These products offer money back guarantees. Both the oral and transdermal products use herbs and other natural substances to increase blood flow. A quality male enhancement supplement will cost you between $150 to $180 for a three-month supply. The transdermal products are a little cheaper.

Male Enhancement Exercises

Male Enhancement Exercises are meant to enlarge the penis. You have to order the really good ones usually together with a male enhancement supplement or device. Most of these exercises are based on jelqing, the ancient Arabian penis massage technique.

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Pumps, Weights, and Extenders

A penis pump is a cylinder placed around the penis that pumps out air using a vacuum to draw blood into the penis and produce an erection. Penis weights of various designs and weights are hung on the penis in an effort to enlarge it. Extenders were developed as an improvement on weights and provide constant traction along the length of the penis in order to stimulate growth. If used improperly, these three devices can cause serious and permanent damage to your penis.

Surgery, Implants, and Injections

There are several methods of phalloplasty or penis enlargement surgery: cutting supportive ligaments, transplanting fat cells, and dermal transfer. Cutting the suspensory ligaments that support the penis is the most common surgical method and is performed to create an illusion of a larger penis. The transfer of fat cells involves getting excess abdominal fat and putting it inside the penis. Dermal transfer involves transplanting strips of skin and fat together, as the skin prevents possible reabsorption of the fat. There are two types of penile implants: rigid, semi-rigid, or malleable rods, and an inflatable prosthesis which is pumped by hand. Penile injections are used to improve erection quality and are often confused to be a male enhancement method.

Self-treatment methods


penis enhancement pills or ointments are commonly offered over the Internet. Analyses performed by Flora Research of California and by the University of Maryland have uncovered harmful contaminants in a number of “penis enlargement” pills.

Penis pump

A penis pump is a cylinder that is fitted over the penis, with a manual or motorized pump to create suction. As the apparatus creates a vacuum around the penis, blood is drawn into the penis, helping it to become engorged. The higher the vacuum, the higher the blood-pressure becomes within the penis; excessive pressure causes vascular damage rather than a harder penis.

Jelqing and clamping

Jelqing is a method intended to enlarge the penis by increasing the blood pressure in the penis, with the goal of permanently increasing the maximum erect size of the penis. This technique, also called “milking”, involves wrapping the thumb and index finger around the penis while semi-erect and repeatedly drawing them away from one’s body to force blood into the glans, thus encouraging more vascularity in the corpus cavernosa and associated tissues. Whether jelqing actually works or not is a subject of controversy.

Enhance Your Love Life With Penis Enlargement

Many men find it incomprehensible to cope with the situation of small penis size and to keep their relationships strong. They hold their penile size responsible for the failure of their relationships. The main reason could be lack of communication, as for most men the situation of communicating about their problems can be embarrassing. If communication becomes a barrier in any relationship, the things could even worsen. If you do not want to fall in the category of broken relationship, then it is advisable for you to talk it out. It is better to know what your partner wants from you. To keep the trust and love be alive between both of you, then it equally important to come together and understand the needs of each other. If you want to be a good lover or husband, then it is necessary to understand what she wants from you. Most women want their men to satisfy them with penetrative sex, and for that they also look for a bigger penis size in men.

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This can become a challenge for most men, when they are dealing with the issue of small penis size. But, this world is very big, and there are many penis enlargement products available on the market to provide you with a bigger package. So, instead of being critiqued by your woman, you can try any of the products to make her feel proud on you. And why only women, men too feel proud when they see the size of their penises growing big. It can help them feel more confident and boost up their motivational level. A bigger penis size can help a woman feel more loved and also give them emotional pleasures, which she always expects from her man.

To woo her in bed and to help your intercourse to last longer, you can try penis enlargement pills. These pills can not only add a few inches in the length and girth of your penis, but also help you to get longer erections. There’s a good correlation between a bigger penis size and a better sex life. Both can help you to have a healthier life, and can provide you many other benefits such as a healthy heart, an increased self-esteem, better love life and above all a satisfied partner and relationship. Young adults have the tendency to compare the size of their manhood with their favourite heroes, and get amazed to see the size their heroes have. And, from there they start thinking that will they ever be able to have the size their heroes have, and the answer is, men have a good potential to grow the size of their penis. The only thing is for them to understand their and their partner’s needs. Life gives you one chance to live, and it is completely on you that how you want to spend it. And, when pill such as VigRX, can provide you a chance to have a bigger penis size, then why to restrict yourself to the smaller ones.

In life people always work hard to get a better life, and even harder to make it best. When they spend a lot to improve their education, financial levels and lifestyles, then why not their penis size? One should not be ashamed of what one have, but when you are getting a chance to make it better, then why not to take an advantage of those opportunities. Remember, you have to help yourself, as nobody will ever do it for you. You know yourself and your problems better than anybody in this world. Then by putting the best foot forward, you can help your love life work wonders.

Do You Know How To Enlarge Your Penis Naturally?

Have you always cherished a secret desire of having a bigger and thicker penis? Does your penis length make you feel inadequate in bed? Have you ever wondered on how to increase your penis size but did not know about how to enlarge your penis naturally? Relax, don’t worry. For I am going to literally hand over to you some of the most popular ways to enlarge your penis so that you really know how to enlarge your penis naturally within a short period of time. So, please concentrate and read on.

Why do men want to increase their penis size?

Simple, because most women fantasize about their sex partner having a big and fat penis. A woman having slept with a man with a large penis is most likely to tell it to all her friends and before time everybody will come to know about it and will look with admiration towards the man. This boosts his self-confidence to such lengths that he starts thinking about himself as an alpha male. So increasing penis size is both a fantasy as well as a necessity to almost every man in this planet.

1) Learn how to enlarge your penis naturally with the jelqing technique.

That’s the million dollar question on every man’s mind. How to find out safe and effective ways to enlarge your penis. The most popular penis enlargement technique is called jelqing. This technique to enlarge penis naturally has been around for centuries. It is really easy to learn how to enlarge your penis naturally with the jelqing technique.

The penis consists mostly of soft spongy tissues called Corpus Cavernosum. When blood flows into these tissues, they inflate hard and stiffen resulting in an erect penis. The more the amount of blood flowing into these tissues, the longer and harder will be the erections. The jelqing technique, when done correctly and on a daily basis, forces more blood to enter into the Corpus Cavernosum thus resulting in some amazing length gain of up to 4 inches within a few months. What’s more it also increases the girth of the penis.

2) Trim your pubic hair to make your penis look longer.

Pubic hair hides nearly one inch of your penis making your penis look smaller. Take out some small scissors and start to trim your pubic hair over a trash can or over the toilet as it can get really messy and also embarrassing if someone goes inside your bathroom and finds your pubic hair clippings all over the floor.

3) Shave your pubic hair

This is more difficult than the above process but definitely achievable. First trim your pubic hair in the above mentioned procedure and then apply some shaving cream and gel and start shaving along the grain. Repeat this process a couple of times. Please don’t shave against the grain or you’ll get little red bumps like acne all over your pubic region and people will think by mistake that you have sexually transmitted diseases.

4) Take a hot shower before having sex

Though it’s not always possible to do this every time you have sex, taking a hot shower just before sex will help increase the amount of blood flow into your penis making it look big and attractive to your partner than your averaged sized penis. So if possible, always do this before having sex.

5) Traction devices: the most popular of all the ways to enlarge your penis

Traction devices are right now the safest and most popular of all the ways to enlarge your penis. Traction devices over the years have improved dramatically and are extremely comfortable to use. In fact, they have become so comfortable that you can easily wear these devices all day long thereby speeding up your penis enlargement process. Using traction devices for a couple of hours each day saves you the hassle of enlarging your manhood with the above mentioned methods.

Traction devices are highly effective and are backed medically to be the best substitute for penis enlargement surgery. By providing a steady and controlled pressure on the head of the penis, traction devices help generate millions of tissues and cells to grow naturally thus enlarging your organ up to 3-4 inches in only a few months! Since your penis cells grow naturally, your size gain remains permanent, unlike penis enlargement pills that only help increase your size as long as you keep taking it.

Do you really want to increase your penis size and become every woman’s ultimate sexual fantasy?

Or do you just want to sit there reading this article, doing nothing? Don’t just sit there!! Take action today!! Please visit our high-quality website to find out penis enlargement tips that have helped over 50,000 of our readers to increase their penis size to a monster 8.5 inches in the shortest possible time!!

Are Pills, Pumps, Extenders, Hanging Weights, and Surgery Effective Methods?

If you type in the keyword enlarge your penis on Google you will be bombarded with advertisements that tell you the latest and greatest methods on how your going to extend length and girth onto your manhood. If you are on this article right now chances are you have a bit of skepticism in believing that taking pills or using some fancy device is going to be the solution to your problems.

In this article I will give you truth behind all of those marketing messages and if they will actually enlarge your penis. To give you a short and quick answer would not be justice to you. Each of those methods needs to be detailed and talked about in this article.

To start off, penis pills are one of the most heavily advertised so-called solution to how to enlarge your penis. One of the biggest claims that they make is that they can add 1 to 4 inches onto your manhood. What the penis pills are actually doing for you is giving you increased blood flow and nothing more.

That means that they are actually advertising false claims in stating that they can enlarge your penis. The reason they are advertised so heavily is because they are expensive and it is required that you take ongoing supplements in order for you to see your so-called results.

Using penis pills is not actually 100% safe and is not natural at all. I highly recommend that you stop using any pills if your currently doing so. Do not believe the claims in the future for any type of pill because it is false in helping you enlarge your penis.

Another method that is heavily advertised online and on many porn sites is extender devices. These devices supposedly can help you add length on to your manhood. What these devices actually do is look cool but provide no actual results. Sure they can help you stretch out your penis and give you the impression that they are working.

In all actuality these devices are actually potentially harmful for your penis and not recommended that you use them. The extender device was created to be one of many gadgets that are designed to give you the impression that they can work to help you enlarge your penis. Do not give in to all of the hype marketing behind extender devices. Do not use them if you want a permanent solution to enlarging your penis.

The next of the marketed so-called solutions is hanging weights. Hanging weights is one of the most dangerous methods that you could take in attempting to enlarge your penis. You could actually permanently cause deformation and permanent impotence to your penis.

Learning that information was one of the most scary pieces of reality that I ever came across. I did my research through some experimentation and also getting sound information from the experts. Learning that I could actually make myself permanently impotent by using a method that was not sound was a big reality check in my journey to enlarging my penis.

One of the most dangerous methods out is surgery. Think about it for a second, a doctor can make one mistake and you will have to live with that mistake for a lifetime. Surgery is also extremely expensive and has not proved to be a workable strategy in enlarging your penis.

So all of the methods that I’ve listed above are not effective methods in enlarging your piece of manhood. The only way that I was able to increase the size of my penis and add on 2 inches in length and a half inch in girth was to use all natural penile exercises by a reputable expert that had tons of testimonials as proof.

That was the only method that worked for me and it has worked to cause a permanent solution to my problem. Not only has it added size onto my penis it has also helped me increase the strength of my erections, increase in my stamina and also the ability to have multiple orgasms in each sex session. It has been a life changer for me and my lover.

To Find the Best Male Enhancement Method for You First Ask

There are many different ways and products out there that claim to enhance your manhood. Some are true male enhancement techniques that can work, but there are also many penis enlargement scams out there that at best do not deliver any results what so ever and in the worst case could cause you permanent damage instead of permanent enlargement.

This series of articles is aimed at advising you which male enhancement methods and products you can trust, and more importantly to help you decide what is right option for you. Why is this important? Because not all penis enlargement products will see to your particular need or could potentially have a negative affect on your body.

In order to find the best male enhancement method for you I urge you to make sure you do your research.

First ask yourself the honest question: “Why do I need penis enlargement?”

Your answer is likely to fall into one of the following 3 categories:

1) Physical necessity

Is it because you physically have a very small penis, both in flaccid and erect state? And with very small I mean two to three inches, also referred to at times as micropenis. If this is you, then you can honestly say that you really need to have some form of penis enlargement. This is the more serious group of men out there, for whom it really can make a life changing difference.

2) Increasing confidence

Or do you fall in the group of men who have an average size penis but want it to be just a bit bigger. For many the motivation is either to satisfy the wife or girlfriend or if you are single to increase your confidence with the ladies. What ever your reasons, this is all perfectly fine and there are products out there for you. However do consider that some of the more extreme measures of penis enlargement should not be for you.

3) Improving performance

Then there is the group of men who are actually satisfied with the physical size of their penis, but it is the performance that needs to improve. Perhaps you fall into this category. So either you are not able to get a full erection or you are able to get one, but would like to last longer in bed.

Another performance related issue that is quite common is that of premature ejaculation where a man will ejaculate almost directly after or even before penetration. Performance issues can dent your confidence in the bedroom and can cause a strain on your relationship.

Now ask yourself another question: “Which group do you feel you would fit into most?”

It is not important which category applies to you, Physical necessity, Increasing confidence or Improving performance. All have their valid reasons for seeking a solution to the problem. The point is that by first identifying which category best describes your need, you will be better equipped to find the best possible solution for you. So keeping that in mind go and look at what is the best male enhancement methods are that can provide a solution for you.

To start of your search go online. You can find a lot of information available on educational websites on male sexual health or on blogs posting about male enhancement techniques and the benefits and risks associated with the different methods of enhancement. Then there are numerous product reviews sites that compare a wide range of male enhancement products.

I hope this article will be a first step for you towards finding out what enhancement method is best for you and help you make an informed decision on whether or not to proceed with it.

Penile Enlargement Exercise Tips

Why is it that some people are able to succeed, seemingly with the greatest of ease. While others try and try and never achieve anything? The way you succeed with penile enlargement exercises, is the same how you succeed with weight lifting or any other forms of exercise. If you really want to be successful and enlarge your penis as quickly as possible without any setbacks and plateaus, then you need an edge. I have some really fantastic and extremely important penile enlargement exercise tips, that will help you get that edge.

Penile enlargement exercise tips

– Penis enlargement is very similar to muscle building and a lot of the principles are the same. Any experienced weight lifter or personal trainer will tell you, that getting adequate amount of rest is crucial. Your penis, like your muscles, needs rest to grow bigger and stronger. When you do not get adequate amounts of rest, you will simply over train your penis and have the opposite results.

Most beginners, who are really pumped up and ready to get started, make that mistake. They try to do too much too soon, which leads to no growth and weaker erections. The amount of rest you need, depends of many factors. The most important factor is your experience. The longer you have been exercising, the less rest you need. But if you are just starting out, you need more rest, than someone who has been exercising for a couple of months. Since you are a beginner, it would be best to take a day off after every two days of penile exercising.

As your penis gets more conditioned to the exercises and as you gain more experience, you need less rest. And it is very important to pay attention to the signs that your penis gives you. If you have strong erections and if you are making consistent gains, then your penis gets enough rest to grow. But if the signs and results are not so good, then you might need more time to recover.

– The beginning is the most important period of all. Because then you have the least amount of experience and then you are more likely to make mistakes. As time goes on, your penis gets more conditioned. So you need to increase the intensity of your exercises as well. That increase of intensity needs to be gradual.

If you do not increase your intensity, your gains will surely slow down and eventually stop. Then again if you increase the intensity too much, you risk with over training and that also leads to 0 gains. So you really need to be careful and pay attention. It would be best if you had a penile exercise program, which you can follow, so you do not make mistakes.

Basically the stress that you apply to your penis with penile exercises, needs to be greater than it is normally used to, otherwise it will not go. The same is with weight lifting as well. For a beginner, the best way to increase intensity is to increase is the amount of time spent penile exercising. And as you progress you can also increase intensity by starting to do more advanced exercises or by increasing the intensity of the exercises, which you are currently using.

Make sure that your ambitions to achieve a bigger penis, do not overcome your decisions. If you follow simple instructions of a penile enlargement program, you are less likely to make mistakes. You should never start out with advanced exercises and routines. When you go to the gym for the first time, it would be stupid to start bench pressing 400 pounds, if you are clearly not ready for it.

You CAN enlarge your penis using just a few simple exercises and techniques! All it takes is a few minutes a day, and the results are permanent. It may sound hard to believe, but it really does work! These methods are 100% Natural. No pumps, pills, magic devices or silly gadgets, and definitely no surgery.

Using Hoodia Diet Pills As You Learn How to Increase Penis Size

There are hundreds of men dissatisfied with the size of their penis. While there are people who believe that size does not play any major role, the truth is that it plays a pivotal role. It can either cement a relationship or destroy it completely. When a man fails to satisfy his woman sexually, she becomes plagued with feelings of resentment and eventually, this takes a major toll on the relationship. However, it is possible for such men to renew their confidence in the bedroom through some tried and tasted ways. However, before proceeding to this, it is important to look at some of the factors leading to this state.

What you should know?

There are several theories which seek to explain reasons for small sizes and yet, many do not hit the mark. For starters, there are those who believe that with time, it is susceptible to shrink. However, this is far from the case. For instance men who are obese as well as those with excess weight tend to thinks that this is a contributing factor but it is far from the truth. The reason behind this is the pubic fat pad and while every man has one, it is more pronounced in men who are obese. This is because it is notable large and protrusive. Due to this, only a small portion of the shaft is left visible.


The only way to address this issue is to lose weight. If this happens, you can uncover at least two inches and especially if you are too large. There are several ways through which to meet this end and it is ideal to look at some of these.

• For starters, you could choose to carry out regular exercises. With these, it becomes easier to lose excess weight and as such, get the chance to uncover part of the shaft that is hidden by the fat pad. Once you start on a routine, it is advisable to see it through and also combine it with a couple of other techniques in order to lose weight fast.

• You could also incorporate a diet plan in the routine. This is important and when used in conjunction with proper exercising, it can deliver amazing results.

• Pills are another major way of ensuring that you meet this end. There are different types of pills that promise to meet this end and while this is the case, you should weigh your options carefully in order to end up with one that perfectly meets your needs.

Diet Pills

When choosing these pills, it is advisable to settle with one that promises to give you the best results. This means carrying out extensive research to find what they have to offer. It should have all the necessary properties needed to help you achieve the following.

• It should help you lose body fat within the shortest time span.

• It should boost your energy levels and leave you feeling young and vibrant.

• If you have any other sexual dysfunction it should help you overcome it.

• It should help you lose fats and as such, increase your size.

Some of the other things you need to consider when getting these include the fatty acid content and the dietary fiber. Also, consider whether it has any phytosterols and amino acids before making your choice. It is also important to ensure that the products you buy are of the highest possible quality. When this is done, it is easy to restore your manhood. Above all, before doing any of this, it is important to ensure that you consult with your doctor to ensure you are fit enough to use any of these products.

Penis Enlargement Exercise

When it comes to enhancing your penis size, you can be spoiled for choices. There are too many different ways to possibly add that vital few inches to your manhood that you can choose to do.

But why are more and more guys turning to penis enlargement exercise instead of the other more costly ways of enhancing their manhood?

There are several valid reasons why exercising is becoming the number 1 choice for men who wish to end up bigger in the manhood department.

So what are they?

1. Penis enlargement exercise is easy and cheap!

Male enhancement products do not come cheap. Special gadgets such as the penile extender tool works great, but can also burn a hole in your pocket because they cost between $200 and $500 each.

Even the seemingly cheaper male enhancement pills will cost you a fortune over time as you would need to keep replenishing your dosage every month.

It is different when you decide to do penis enlargement exercise. The only money you would probably need to spend is on a proper guide that teaches you how to do the required exercises.

Apart from that one-time purchase, you only need to “spend” a few minutes each day to perform the exercises.

And how easy are the exercises? Well, absolutely easy indeed!

Take for example one exercise which requires you to simply use your forefinger and thumb to hold your penis head and stretch out your penis as much as you can comfortably go.

Once you reach the tip of your comfort zone, hold the stretch for as long as 15 seconds before letting go, and then repeat the whole exercise for as many times as you wish in a day.

How much simpler can it be than that?

2. Exercising helps to enhance your sex health too!

In order to be the best lover you can possibly be in bed, you not only need to be adequately sized down there but also be in a tip-top condition sexually. A bigger manhood does not equal to a sexually healthier you.

This is where penis enlargement exercise can significantly help you in ways that most other more expensive male enhancement products or techniques will not be able to.

You see, the exercises are not solely focused on stimulating the male organ into growing bigger. There are also several key exercise routines that target the health of your penis as well as the other vital sexual organs in your body.

The exercises, which are mainly a combination of stretching and massaging actions, effectively improve the blood circulation to the male organ when done properly. How is this important to you?

With a better blood circulation, your penis ends up fitter than before. Achieving harder erections that last a longer period will no longer be a difficult task for your penis.

Apart from that, exercising also conditions and toughens one muscle in your body which controls your ejaculations in bed. This muscle, the PC muscle, ends up stronger after regular exercising, giving you better ability to last a lot longer during sex.

These definitely are enhancements you want to experience alongside the increase in your penis size!

3. Penis enlargement exercise is 99% safe

One important factor which you need to consider when looking for a way to enhance your penis size is how safe that particular method or product is. In the case of penis enlargement exercise, I would say it is almost very safe.

There is still minimal risk of injuring the male organ if you do not do the exercises properly. This is why it is important to get hold of a proper guide-book that teaches you how to do the exercises in detail.

Once you get this right, then growing your penis bigger should be a breeze… which is why I personally claim penis enlargement exercise to be the best way for you to end up bigger down there and sexually fitter for life!

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