The real secret to growing your penis more than 2 inches is actually found INSIDE your body.

When you stand naked in front of a mirror and look at your penis, you are actually only seeing HALF of your penis. The other half of your penis is curved up inside the body. If you had x-ray vision, you would see that your entire penis is boomerang shaped and that the inner portion is quite meaty.

The secret to growing your penis more than 2 inches (some men can achieve much more!) is getting some of your penis that is inside to fall to the outside.

Now, before you start yanking on your penis to get some of that inner portion to come out, I need to tell you that some men have permanently damaged their penis yanking on it too hard. There is a right way and a wrong way and you really need a few weeks to do this in a way that won’t damage your penis and will also result in a PERMANENT increase.

Okay. The next thing you need to know is that your penis is attached to the pubic bone via a very thick bundle of fibers that are collectively known as the “suspensory ligament.” This ligament keeps the inner portion of the penis inside and it also serves as an anchor so that you can firmly thrust during sexual intercourse. If this ligament becomes unattached for any reason, sex can be near impossible because your penis just dangles there with no firm anchor in place.

Penis surgery designed to lengthen the penis involves cutting the suspensory ligament to allow some of the inner penis to drop down. However, this very often results is a penis without the firm anchor I describe above. It is wobbly at the base which makes sex awkward at best and impossible at worst.

So, the second part of the secret on how how to grow your penis more than 2 inches is to carefully stretch the suspensory ligament WITHOUT detaching it from the pubic bone.

This requires an advanced penis exercise that is repeated over the course of several weeks. For safety purposes and to ensure you achieve maximum gains, you want to do this exercise precisely right.

However, you must first prepare the outer casing of the penis, the tunica, so there’s room for the extra penis portion to come down. If you skip this step, the exercise program won’t work.

This penis exercise is one of the newest and most effective of all the modern techniques. You will NOT find this technique in jelqing manuals (ancient Arabic technique that has gained some re-found popularity) and you won’t even find it in many of the modern penis exercise programs. I should also mention that jelqing can be dangerous and I don’t recommend it.

The technique I am describing to you is literally so brand new that many people haven’t even begun to realize just how effective it can be at increasing the length of your penis. it works far better than any other technique available. If you do the exercise consistently and correctly over a few weeks, most men will gain at least 2 inches. Some men will gain more depending on the angle their particular penis attaches to the pubic bone.

Now, in order to learn how to do this technique correctly (and you want to do it EXACTLY as it should be done), it is best to have video instruction included with the written instructions. It is a technique that is easier to understand if you can actually SEE how it’s done.