If you want to get a bigger penis there are a lot of ways available now but caution must always be made because there a lot of scammers who take this as an opportunity to trick people by selling fake products. The reason is because you will more likely not to complain publicly about a penis enlargement product because the tendency is you will be ashamed to admit the use of such product. If you have a desire to get a bigger penis, then all you have to do is to make proper research and understanding of the available options at hand. This article will help you in making that decision.

Surgery is the most tangible and most “politically correct” method as believed by most people because in surgery there is a physical alteration of the penis to make it bigger. Whether it is increasing the girth by injecting your own fat cells underneath the penis’ skin or the increasing of the length by dividing the ligaments of the penis to make it longer, you will definitely see and feel the instant result of the procedure after about four hours of operation.

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The downside of this is first it is a high risk procedure and there are a lot horror stories that are circulation regarding this procedure. This may be because they used unauthorized persons to do the surgery for them. There is also a recovery period on these procedures before you can use your penis again. So if you want a safe method, this is not the one for you.

Another way to make a bigger penis is by using a penis extender or stretcher device which stretches the penis for a period of time. This device works on the same Principle Of Traction that is the theory behind orthopaedic surgeries. The tissues on the penis will start to grow bigger because of the force employed in the stretching. This is a lot safer than the surgery and it is also a much cost effective way in achieving your goals.

Jelqing exercise is a form of exercise done to make a bigger penis. It employs constant stretching of the penis. This exercise usually takes 30 minutes per session in order to be effective. You can find the exercise guides in the internet. Although there are free guides, you must be careful in applying them to your penis because again, there is a lot of misinformation circulated online and it is best to get verified information from membership sites regarding this exercise. Jelqing is another safe way to make a bigger penis and it is also not expensive. All you need to do is follow the exercise guide to achieve maximum results. Do not overdo the exercises because if will bring more harm than help.

Penis enlargement pills and penis enlargement patches can also be used safely just make sure your products have passed the food and drug board (The FDA in the US). Pills and patches do not necessarily increase the size of the penis but instead it improves the quality of erection, thus a bigger penis is achieved while in erection. But you can make the growth permanent by doing stretching on your penis like the jelqing exercise or the use of penis extender device

Now that you are aware of these methods it is up to you to choose which method you prefer. Choose the safest and most effective method that is suited for you and enjoy a new and improved you. Our preferred method for optimal results and safety is the penis pills plus jelqing exercises combination although some guys prefer to use the cumbersome penis stretcher.